Coolers? Why Not Boxes

The Indianapolis 500 is the perfect example out there of what a melting pot of cultures can truly look like. While the ritzy and “classy” folk are likely sitting in an air conditioned suite in the pagoda tower, there are hundreds of thousands of lower class people blending together in the stands and infield in such an amalgamation that it’s hard to believe Americans can be so different from one another.

One thing that really stuck out to me as a huge indicator on social and economic class was how everyone transported their drinks around. (Because let’s be honest, everyone was drinking multiple beverages during the weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.)

The rolling coolers

I probably saw more of these than I did any other type of cooler this past weekend. In fact, it seemed to be the cooler of choice simply because it could hold the most drinks, keep them the coldest, and be dragged around on wheels whenever you had to walk.

The backpacks

Count me a part of this crowd. I didn’t see many people opting for this route, though I found it the most comfortable while also still carrying quite a good amount of drinks. The only downside to backpacking your beers is that they’ll eventually warm up and not stay as cold together as they would in a real cooler.

The bag coolers

Admittedly, this is the next best option behind rolling coolers, though they can be quite heavy on your arms or shoulder depending on how many drinks you have in it, how it’s supposed to be worn, and more. These are quite a bit easier to use when in the stands or crossing grass in comparison to rolling coolers, however.

Double fisting

This is for those who didn’t bring coolers and are either 1) bumming drinks off their friends or 2) buying multiple beers inside the track. I wouldn’t suggest either, to be honest, but this is one way of not worrying about using and dragging around a cooler full of beers. By double fisting, you save room, have hardly any added weight to your frame, and can look cool (at least you think so) when drinking two drinks at once.

The shipping boxes

Alright, so I only saw this once, but I had to laugh when I did. While there were a handful of people walking around the track with their beer’s original cardboard packaging box, I truly did see one group with shipping boxes to carry around their beers. I mean, hey, it’s free and ingenious.


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